650Pcs/Set Heat Shrink Tubes Good Sealing Electrical Insulation Polyethylene Ratio 2:1 Cable Wire Heat Shrink Tubing Kit for Wire Connection

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With the low shrinkage temperature of heat shrink tubing you can immediately complete a well-sealed joint.
Boasting excellent shrinkage performance of 2:1 shrinkage ratio, the heat shrink tubes can create a secure connection for the joint, ensuring electrical safety.
Heat shrink tubes made of high-quality polyethylene is durable and have good electrical insulation.
This kit includes 650pcs heat shrink tubes, it comes with a storage case measures 19.6cm long, 13.2cm wide and 3.6cm high.
The heat shrink tubes can be used for wire connection, solder joints and other electrical repairs.

Item Name: Heat Shrink Tubes
Material: PE
Color: Black
Tensile Strength: 14MPa
Elongation at Break: >400%
Dielectrical Strength: >20kV/mm
Volume Resistivity: >1.0×10^14Ω.cm
Features: Good Sealing, Weather-Proof, Good Electrical Insulation
Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 (Shrink to Maximum of 1/2 of Its Original Diameter)
Minimum Shrinkage Temperature: 158 Degree Fahrenheit (70 Degree Celsius)
Cold-Resistant Capacity: 22 Degree Fahrenheit (-30 Degree Celsius) x 1h (No Cracking)
Size Details:
Storage Case Size: 19.6cm x 13.2cm x 3.6cm/7.72" x 5.2" x 1.42" (Approx.)

The quantity is about 650pcs, due to manual calculation, the quantity might has 3-5pcs more or less, hope you can understand, thank you.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Package Includes:
150 x 1/24inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
120 x 1/12inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
100 x 1/8inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
90 x 1/6inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
80 x 1/5inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
50 x 1/4inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
30 x 5/16inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes
30 x 2/5inch x 1-4/7inch Heat Shrink Tubes