Portable Handheld Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Analyzer Detector Breathalyser

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Quick response, stable performance.
Battery saved design, low voltage indication.
Portable and lightweight, easy to carry.
Built-in high-sensitivity sensor, the data is more accurate.

Item Name: Alcohol Tester
Material: ABS
Detection Range: 0.000 - 0.199%BAC, 0.000 - 1.990‰BAC, 0.000 - 0.995mg/L (BrAC)
Alarming Threshold: 0.050%BAC, 0.500‰BAC, 0.25mg/L (BrAC)
Test Accuracy: ±0.010%BAC, ±0.010‰BAC, ±0.05mg/L
Reaction Time: