A93 Multifunctional Anti-theft Car Security System 2 Way Alarm Remote Control

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This item supports two-way sound alarm and silent sound alarm at night.
Remote control can effectively prevent the battery from being stolen and being robbed, when the battery is abnormal, the remote control will alarm, and if you are robbed during exercise, the remote control can turn off the flame remotely, and it also has a system anti-dismantling and shearing alarm, when the battery line is cut, the electric door lock is broken, and the alarm system is damaged, the remote control will alarm.
It uses remote control to unlock, remote control to find the car, its alarm sensor is adjustable in five gears, and adopts special coding technology, the remote control is anti-copy and anti-decryption.
Automatic vehicles can be started remotely only in P or N gears.

Item Name: A93 Remote Control
Material: Electronic Metal, ABS
Static Working Voltage: 10-16V (DC Direct Current Power Supply)
Static Working Current: