[TJH] Mini Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter High Precision Range Finder Area

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40m/131ft Mini Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter High Precision Range Finder Area Volume Measurement Level Bubble
The laser distance meter with high precision can be used to measure the distance, area and volume. It also can be used for indirect measurement by Pythagorean theorem. The product is portable and reliable in measuring, making your measurement more accurate, simple and faster. The meter can be widely used in construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, etc.
Mini digital laser distance meter with high precision and wide measurement range.
Quick measurement of distance, area, volume, indirect measurement by Pythagorean theorem.
Single measurement &; continuous measurement.
Bubble level equipped as a spirit level tool.
Easy targeting with bright laser pointer.
Maximum/minimum measurement.
Measurement reference is adjustable.
Easy addition and subtraction of measurement.
20 groups of data records and recall function.
Mini size and handheld design, portable and convenient.
Large LCD display with backlight.
Buzzer indicator.
Measuring Range: 0.05-40m / 0.05-60m / 0.05-70m / 0.05-80m / 0.05-100m / 0.05-120m / 0.05-150m(optional)
Measurement Accuracy: ±2mm
Laser Grade: Class 2M II
Laser Type: 620-690nm, <1mW
Measuring Unit: m / ft / in(for 40m/60m/80m/100m); m(for 70m/120m/150m)
Area Unit: m^2, ft^2(for 40m/60m/80m/100m);m^2(for 70m/120m/150m)
Single Measurement Time: 0.25s
Historical Data Records: 20 Groups
Laser Auto Off: 30s
Power Auto Off: 180s
Dust and Water Resistant: IP 54
Operating Temperature: 0~40°C
Storage Temperature: -20~65°C
Power Supply:
2 * AAA LR6 Batteries(40m/60m/80m/100m meter) (not included)
2 * AA LR6 Batteries(70m/120m/150m meter) (not included)
Package List:
1 * Laser Distance Meter(batteries not included)
1 * Bag(only for 70m/120m/150m meter)
1 * Holding Rope(only for 70m/120m/150m meter)
1 * Outdoor Target Reflection Board(only for 120m/150m meter)
1 * User Manual