[TJH] Motorcycle Dual Double Flash Warning Light Switch 2.2cm 2.5cm Diameter Handlebar DIY ON-OFF Switch Accessory

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100% DIY.
2.2-2.5cm diameter, fit for all motorcycle handlebar.
Easy to install and convient to use.
Beautiful black with white on/off switch, elegant design.
Cable made of copper, long lifetime use.
Can be used as Headlights/Fog Light/Double Flash ON-OFF switch for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, etc.
When used as dual flash switch, left and right turn lights flash simultaneously, parking security prompt function.
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Working voltage: all voltages
Internal diameter: 2.2-2.5cm
Overall Wire Length: Approx. 28cm
Application: Headlights/Fog Light/Double Flash ON-OFF switch
Package List:
1 * Motorbike Dual Flash Warning Switch
Installation tip: three wires connect to the left and right switch, and one of the wires is firing line, the other are steering wires.