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1. Creative flowerpot with clear texture. Durable glazed ceramics; High temperature ceramics have a long usage
2. Made of high quality ceramic materials, display them in any space, placed in the table, desk corner, bathroom sink
3. A versatile decorative piece for use with or without flowers. Suitable for use as a centerpiece at parties or events filled with real or artificial flowers.
4. For decorative and functional purposes: for central flowers, fill with a fresh bouquet of real or artificial flowers;
When used for display on shelves, coffee tables, fireplaces or high surfaces, windowsills, desktops, home and office decor fashion decorations.
Color: Black, White
Material: Ceramic
Size: 1813/caliber 11cm, height 46cm, bottom 13cm
    2213/caliber 13cm, height 58cm, bottom 15cm
Package Includes:
1 x Vase