[TJH] LED Flowers Vase Decorative Lights For Festival Christmas Wedding Charging Desktop Decoration Room Creative USB Lamp

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1. A rattan woven frame with a solid wood base is strong and chemical-free with great craftsmanship
2. 3W LED warm lamp, constant current low voltage power supply, no flicker, no dazzle.
3. Mystery wood grain light is near to natural light source.
4. Unique designed with original rattan weaving frame, simple and classic style. Great for housewarming gifts.
5. USB  plug power link, can be used with laptop and power strip both.
Material: Rattan
Power: 3w led lamp beads
Power interface: USB with 1.1m cable
Switch: push button switch
Craft: Hand-woven wicker
Size: H20's H2cm* lampshade's W15cm solid wood base
Light color: warm light
Application: study room, bedroom, living room, office, dining room, shop decoration.
Note: The button style has only fixed brightness. Control switch lights; dimming models can adjust the brightness of the lights (stepless dimming is from low brightness to high brightness, and the brightness change process of the lamp is a smooth transition).
Package Includes:
1 x LED Lamp