[TJH] Single Disc 104bcd Bicycle Accessories Crankset Tooth Plate Parts Positive And Negative 32T 34T 36T 38T Mountain Bike

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1. 104MM crank. tooth BCD is 104, please carefully confirm that the crank is 104BCD(the diameter of the circle formed by the center points of the four nail holes is 104MM)
2. Integrated forging of aluminum alloy. Mountain bike tooth disc, plate is made of aluminum alloy, CNC cutting technology, integrated forging processing, not only good looking, but also high abrasion resistance, no leakage, special structure design with high strength and usage.
3. Anodic sandblasting treatment: For all mountain bikes with cover XC/AM, anodic oxidation will generate a layer of oxide film on the aluminum surface, which not only has a good texture, but also can effectively protect the aluminum alloy body. The anodic surface for anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment adopts sand blasting technology with fine texture and long-term use without fading color, making it more durable
4. Single disc reduces chain loss. CNC high speed carving and milling + hard oxidation treatment, neat and symmetry, unique tilt Angle and shape, unique slant and chain height overlap, bite fixed and stable weight reduction treatment.
5. Advantages of the crank: remove the front dial, greatly reduce the load of vehicles, and do not lose the chain. Make the teeth of the tooth disk into different shapes of width (thin thickness), specifically fill the space in the chain plate, and limit the transverse range of movement of the chain.The chain tilts at a high Angle, and the next section also gets stuck in the positive and negative teeth, which are then pulled into the disc teeth, rather than stuck between them
6. Disc technical points. In simple terms, taking 34T disc as an example, the strong arm can reach 35.9T, and the small force arm is 30.2T on flat roads. It is easier to step frequently when stepping on flat roads. When climbing, the dead zone is circled. Easier, with 36T flat road explosive power close to 30T climbing performances
Disc type: round disc/elliptical disc
Material: High-quality 7075 aluminum alloy, anodized surface.
Color: black, red, blue, purple, green, gold
Specification: 32T 34T 36T 38T
Weight: 51g of 34T, 63g of 36T
Applicable crank: 104BCD
Package Includes:
1 x Disc
Installation Notes:
1. The sprocket BCD is 104, and the purchaser carefully determines that his crank is 104BCD (the diameter of the circle formed by the center points of the four disc nail holes is 104 mm), do not make a mistake, or it will fail to install.
2. The nail holes of this disc are designed with no countersink. The nails can be directly used for the third and second disk nails of the chainring to be modified, without the need to purchase a single disk nail.